Level sensors from ifm electronic

Oil-based or aqueous media; syrups & sauces, chemicals, 
granulates and powders, whatever the medium or environment, ifm electronic offers cost-efective sensors to detect levels using the latest technologies

  • The new hygienic point level sensor LMT safely monitors the level in storage tanks or protects pumps against running dry. 
    A new innovative technology from ifm ensures that the LMT is able to ignore foam and build up.
  • O3D200 : the very latest 3D sensor measures levels and volumes in three dimensions; great for unevenly piled or stacked product
  • LR-series microwave radar level sensors are perfect for continuous level measurement of aqueous media
  • LK-series capacitive probes are ideal for continuous level measurement of oils and emulsions with multiple switchpoints and analogue signals, while
  • LI series will provide a simple switchpoint immersed in the fluid and
  • KI / KB / KG series sensors can give a switchpoint through a non-metallic tank or sightglass
  • O1D300 will optically measure an opaque substance level from metres above its surface
  • PI series pressure sensors are designed for hydrostatic level in the bottom of a tank

With high-quality housing materials such as high-grade stainless steel (316L / 1.4404) and PEEK, plus ingress resistence ratings of IP68 & IP69K ifm level sensors meet all requirements for hygienic areas.

Level under control

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